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About us

Welcome to Malta for a year-round operation dive base in the town of Bugibba. The main season runs from April 15 to 15 November.

We assist in the selection of accommodation and organization of travel to Malta. Malta, together with the islands of Gozo and Comino forms a small archipelago located about 90 km south of Sicily, around which there is a wide variety of dive sites. diving center operates from 2013 and designed by Jack, Romek, Mirek , Paulina and  will be happy to lead you through the local attractions. Underwater wrecks waiting, including many prepared and sunk especially for divers.

Interestingly, limestone rock formations - huge rocks, arches and caves attract incredible magnetism. Malta also fascinated by the surface. Its charming towns are full of historic churches, cathedrals and castles. Present meets here with 5,000 years of European history with influences of Greek culture, Roman, Arab and Christian.