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Recreational courses

Always you dreamed about this? To explore the seabed, diving on the reef full of tropical fish, and maybe you are interested in caves or wrecks? Do you want to feel the freedom and flexibility, which gives independent diving, the lack of gravity?
Or maybe you just want to get away from the stress of everyday life? Start the adventure today. Become a diver!

OWD course - the beginning of the adventure

The PADI Open Water Diver course is a basic diving course, which will give you the right to self-diving partners around the world to a depth of 18 meters. Sounds nice? It listen to this: diver OWD can be anyone! Just that completes 10 years and is in good health.
You do not know whether you have enough time to vacation? Well, this course lasts only four days, during which you count 5 sessions of theoretical classes 5 swimming pools and 4 classes in open waters.
The theory is based on watching films about diving, solving tests and quizzes based on the read the manual and short selective instructor lectures on topics that students do not understand. No boring move on in the classroom!
In the old Roman swimming pool (where the first day of the course we will see already the first underwater creatures!) Students learn in shallow water under the watchful eye of an instructor of exercise and open water repeating already acquired skills and elect the first underwater excursions.
We tried to make these trips were the most interesting for you to see as much as possible, and the way to practice skills acquired on the course. After completing the course you receive internationally recognized PADI Open Water Diver (15 years PADI Junior Open Water Diver),
from where you can dive anywhere and find a puddle of water bottles with air. :)
The requirements and timetable of the course:
Prerequisites: minimum age 10 years, good health
The course lasts 4 days. Classes usually take place an hour 9-16t. We start with the theory in class, we watch movies and solve tests on the basis of yourself reading handbook. Then dive. Every day we make two dives.
1 day - in very shallow water
2 day - the depth of 3-6 meters
3 day - maximum depth of 12 meters
4 day - to a depth of 18 meters      
course can be done in the language Enlgish,Polish,Rusian,Italian,Slovak

AOWD course - the adventure continues

did you do the first step, but it is not enough? Attracts you diving on wrecks, night, or maybe you like to take pictures under water, but it does not always go like you would have liked? Continue their adventure dive with PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. We will teach you how to safely dive to a depth of 30 meters, how to navigate under water, what to watch diving on the wrecks or the currents. We will develop your skills and will make that you drew from the diving even more pleasure and satisfaction. And all this, of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor.Because of the wealth of wrecks, specially prepared for the divers Malta is the perfect place to complete the course AOWD.
The course consists of 5 dives specialist: mandatory deep diving and underwater navigation and 3 dives of your choice ( Wreck, in the current, excellent buoyancy, underwater photography), and of course little theory. The course can start, anyone who graduated 12 years (12-15 years Junior AOWD) and has a degree OWD (or equivalent). The course itself can last two days, but why not go snorkelling longer and practice new skills ... We recommend doing this course during the 5-day package. This allows the flow and better practice acquired skills.
Requirements and course schedule
Prerequisites: 12 years and the degree of OWD or equivalent.
Duration daily from 8 to approx. 16. It contains a minimum of one dive to 30 meters, one navigation dive and 3 dives to choose  
for example to choose Wreck diving, excellent buoyancy, etc.) Diving exchange take place from the shore.

Rescue Course - help yourself and others

AOWD you done? Would you like to further develop their knowledge and skills? Start Rescue course.
3-day course of developing survival skills and the ability to anticipate and cope with problems at home and the other divers.
It includes self rescue, treatment of panicked diver, and unconscious diver on the surface and under water. The course is very interesting,
 teach you how to professionally lead a rescue action and cooperate with the pros. In conjunction with the course EDF skill useful in private life.
Age: 12 years, the degree AOWD or equivalent, 20 logged dives, a first aid course completed in the last two years (you can end up with the Rescue course)
Scope of the course:
comp movies
lectures selective on the basis of incomprehensible material
training in water
emergency scenarios

EFR - not only for divers

Emergency First Response - premedical first aid. Important. This can often save a life, or shorten the subsequent rehabilitation.
With us you can learn how to carry out initial and further first aid for adults and for children and infants, and even become an instructor first aid and power train others.
Remember, you do not have to be a diver. Rescuer could be anyone. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for receiving the Certificate Rescue Diver,
as well as a candidate for the degree divemaster. A course instructor EDF is required to participate in the IDC.
The degree AOWD or equivalent, 20 logged dives.