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Expand your diving skills and take part in one of several of our specialized courses. You can your skills develop in this area, which you are most interested in. You can choose specializations such as:

- Project AWARE -
- Excellent buoyancy
- Deep
- Wrecks and Reefs
- Nitrox
- Diving scooter
- Drift
- Night
- Underwater Photography
- Underwater Digital Photography
- Underwater Video
- Underwater Navigation
- Dry suit
- AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

The most popular are:

Deep diver - Malta there is to many interesting places to dive deep. To start this course you should have a degree AOWD (or equivalent) and 15 years.
The course consists of 4 dives to a depth of 40 meters and a little theory. We learn among other things, as seen in himself the symptoms of nitrogen narcosis and how to safely plan a deep dive.

Wreck diver - there is probably no better place than Malta, in order to complete the course wreck.
there are plenty of wrecks at different depths, many of them specifically sunken and adapted to the needs of divers. For prerequisites needed to complete this course should have a degree AOWD (or equivalent) and age 15 years. The course includes 4 dives specialist, during which we learn among other things, mapping the wrecks, navigation on the wreck and the wreck of rigging.

Enriched Air Nitrox - very useful when you want to do a lot of repetitive dives, eg. On safari diving or when we want to limit the long DECOMPRESSION.
To complete this course just 12 years old MDC degree (or equivalent). In this course we learn how to analyze the composition of the mixture in the cylinder, as protec- plan diving Nitroxie. The course consists mainly of theory, dives are optional.