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Diving with tuna

In the period from June to the end of October in Malta is the possibility of diving with tuna. Bluefin tuna bred on farms here grow up to 3m length and reach weights up to 400kg.
Meeting such monsters under water is really impressive. Farms are located a few nautical miles from the shore and have the form of the upright cylinders closed at the bottom, the walls of which are built from the network.
The diameter of each farm is about 50 m and each of which is located hundreds of tuna. To the farm affected by a small hole in the network of about 4m below the surface.
Tuna quickly sail around the perimeter of the farm in terms of depth of 10-30m producing sometimes clearly felt updraft. They are curious appearance of the divers, however, can not be touched and the whole time swim pass them by performing the sometimes violent phrases.
Scuba diving is completely safe just be careful belongs to may feel dizzy from the spin along with the tuna. Dive time is approximately 30 minutes and the minimum requirements for the degree of OWD (P1). Price 40 euro.