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An interesting story

Malta is now a small independent small state but with a rich history and monuments. The story goes back 5000 years BC when the first settlers come here from Sicily or Africa Pn. After these times have been megalithic temples of Hagar Qim. Sequentially Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans ruled here in the period from 800 BCE to the fourth century AD. Punic wars and the legendary St. stay. Paul in Malta during the reign of the Roman Empire knight.

The division of the Roman Empire led to the invasion of the Vandals and ready in the fifth century n.e From the year 870 to 1090 Malta passes into the hands of the Arabs and Islam is adopted. In 1090 the leader of the Norman Roger frees Malta for over 200 year reign of the Arab and Malta returns to the bosom of Christianity. From 1530 to 1798 in Malta staying expelled earlier from the Order of the Knights of Rhodes called later Order of the Knights of Malta.

In the years 1561-1565 the island repeatedly attacked by pirates, and the great Turkish army of Suleiman (Great Siege). To the relief of the monks valiantly defending their master Jean de la Valette arrive Sicilians. From 1798 to 1800 Malta without a fight remains under the influence of Napoleon. After the Treaty of Paris in 1814, Malta officially becomes part of the British Crown until the outbreak of World War II. During the war (the Second Great Siege) Malta suffers substantial losses as a result of bombing but despite many months of operations from the air and sea branches of the German Afrika Korps of Rommel she never won. After the war, since 1964 Malta proclaimed its independence and in 1979, the last British troops leave Malta. Since 2004 Malta becomes a full member of the EU.